Faith::Application Class Reference

prepares the application to use Faith's graphics-related classes More...

#include <faith/application.h>

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Public Slots

void quit ()


void aboutToExit ()

Public Member Functions

 Application (int argc, char **argv, bool gui=true)
virtual ~Application ()
int exec ()
void processEvents ()
Display * x11Display ()
void xEvent (XEvent *event)
void xExposeEvents (XEvent *events, int count)
Handle x11Screen ()
virtual void warning (const char *message)
void postEvent (Faith::Object *dest, Faith::Event *e)

Detailed Description

prepares the application to use Faith's graphics-related classes

Exactly one Application object must be instanciated before you can create any object which inherits from Widget

Application is what allows you to write graphical applications with Faith

Faith::faithapp points to the one and only Application object

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Faith::Application::Application ( int  argc,
char **  argv,
bool  gui = true 

create the main system of your app, passing the argc and argv from main(..) the last argument says if you want to bind to the GDI (X11)

virtual Faith::Application::~Application (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Faith::Application::aboutToExit (  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted after the event loop is exited, but before any objects are destroyed by Application

Those classes which are deleted are all MainWindows

int Faith::Application::exec (  ) 

start dispatching events from the operating system

void Faith::Application::postEvent ( Faith::Object dest,
Faith::Event e 

this thread-safe function will send the event e to dest on the main thread "reasonably soon"

You may call this from any thread at any time

Do not delete e, it will be deleted after the event is delivered

void Faith::Application::processEvents (  ) 

perform an exec "once" (returns soon, but not immediately)

void Faith::Application::quit (  )  [slot]

causes exec() to return soon. aboutToExit will be emitted

virtual void Faith::Application::warning ( const char *  message  )  [virtual]

display an error

Display* Faith::Application::x11Display (  ) 

Handle Faith::Application::x11Screen (  ) 

void Faith::Application::xEvent ( XEvent *  event  ) 

void Faith::Application::xExposeEvents ( XEvent *  events,
int  count 

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