Faith::MainWindow Class Reference

#include <faith/mainwindow.h>

Inheritance diagram for Faith::MainWindow:

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Public Member Functions

 MainWindow (const char *name=0)
 ~MainWindow ()
Faith::MenuBarmenuBar ()
Faith::ToolBartoolBar ()
void setCentralWidget (Faith::Widget *widget)
Faith::WidgetcentralWidget ()

Detailed Description

A MainWindow is a widget that, when all instanciations of it are destroyed, the app will exit.

it also is delete-on-hide by default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Faith::MainWindow::MainWindow ( const char *  name = 0  ) 

Faith::MainWindow::~MainWindow (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

Faith::Widget* Faith::MainWindow::centralWidget (  )  [inline]

Faith::MenuBar* Faith::MainWindow::menuBar (  ) 

void Faith::MainWindow::setCentralWidget ( Faith::Widget widget  ) 

Faith::ToolBar* Faith::MainWindow::toolBar (  ) 

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