Faith::Pen Member List

This is the complete list of members for Faith::Pen, including all inherited members.

color() const Faith::Pen
DashLine enum valueFaith::Pen
DotLine enum valueFaith::Pen
NoPen enum valueFaith::Pen
operator!=(const Pen &other) const Faith::Pen [inline]
operator=(const Pen &copy)Faith::Pen
operator==(const Pen &other) const Faith::Pen
Pen(const Color &color, int width=0, PenStyle style=SolidLine)Faith::Pen
Pen(const Pen &copy)Faith::Pen
Pen(PenStyle style=SolidLine)Faith::Pen
PenStyle enum nameFaith::Pen
setColor(const Color &color)Faith::Pen
setColor(int r, int g, int b)Faith::Pen [inline]
setStyle(PenStyle style)Faith::Pen
setWidth(int width)Faith::Pen
SolidLine enum valueFaith::Pen
style() const Faith::Pen
width() const Faith::Pen

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