Faith::Pen Class Reference

a Pen is what lines/borders are drawn with in Painter More...

#include <faith/pen.h>

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Public Types

enum  PenStyle { NoPen, SolidLine, DashLine, DotLine }

Public Member Functions

 Pen (const Color &color, int width=0, PenStyle style=SolidLine)
 Pen (const Pen &copy)
 ~Pen ()
 Pen (PenStyle style=SolidLine)
Penoperator= (const Pen &copy)
bool operator== (const Pen &other) const
bool operator!= (const Pen &other) const
int width () const
void setWidth (int width)
Color color () const
void setColor (const Color &color)
void setColor (int r, int g, int b)
PenStyle style () const
void setStyle (PenStyle style)

Detailed Description

a Pen is what lines/borders are drawn with in Painter

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Faith::Pen::PenStyle

When drawing a line, specify how to dot it, or even to not draw it at all


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Faith::Pen::Pen ( const Color color,
int  width = 0,
PenStyle  style = SolidLine 

creates a Pen with the given color and width

Faith::Pen::Pen ( const Pen copy  ) 

Faith::Pen::~Pen (  ) 

Faith::Pen::Pen ( PenStyle  style = SolidLine  ) 

creates a black width=0 pen of the given style

Member Function Documentation

Color Faith::Pen::color (  )  const

the color of the pen as set by setColor

bool Faith::Pen::operator!= ( const Pen other  )  const [inline]

Pen& Faith::Pen::operator= ( const Pen copy  ) 

Copies the pen

bool Faith::Pen::operator== ( const Pen other  )  const

true if the pens are the same

void Faith::Pen::setColor ( int  r,
int  g,
int  b 
) [inline]

same as setColor (Color(r,g,b))

void Faith::Pen::setColor ( const Color color  ) 

sets the color of the pen

void Faith::Pen::setStyle ( PenStyle  style  ) 

sets the pen style, On windows, a pen width of >=2 will result in pen style being solid

void Faith::Pen::setWidth ( int  width  ) 

sets teh numbers of pixels wide the line is

PenStyle Faith::Pen::style (  )  const

the pen style as set by setStyle

int Faith::Pen::width (  )  const

the number of pixels wide the line is as set by setWidth

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