Faith::SizePolicy Class Reference

#include <faith/sizepolicy.h>

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Public Types

enum  Policy {
  Minimum, Maximum, Expanding, Fixed,

Public Member Functions

 SizePolicy (Policy horizontal, Policy vertical)
 SizePolicy ()
Policy horizontal () const
Policy vertical () const
void setHorizontal (Policy p)
void setVertical (Policy p)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Faith::SizePolicy::Policy

Specifies how a widget should be sized in each dimension


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Faith::SizePolicy::SizePolicy ( Policy  horizontal,
Policy  vertical 
) [inline]

set a specific size policy

Faith::SizePolicy::SizePolicy (  )  [inline]

create a size policy where both dimensions are set to Expanding

Member Function Documentation

Policy Faith::SizePolicy::horizontal (  )  const [inline]

void Faith::SizePolicy::setHorizontal ( Policy  p  )  [inline]

void Faith::SizePolicy::setVertical ( Policy  p  )  [inline]

Policy Faith::SizePolicy::vertical (  )  const [inline]

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