Faith::SocketNotifier Class Reference

tells you when a file descriptor has changed state (Linux) More...

#include <faith/socketnotifier.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type { Read, Write, Exception }


void activated (int)
void activated (Faith::SocketNotifier *socket)
void activated ()

Public Member Functions

 SocketNotifier (int socket, Type type, Faith::Object *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 ~SocketNotifier ()
int socket () const
Type type () const
bool isEnabled () const
virtual void setEnabled (bool enable)

Detailed Description

tells you when a file descriptor has changed state (Linux)

this class tells you when it's time to deal with a socket. Create me, connect to one or more of the activated signals, and call setEnabled(true)

Similar to the POSIX (unix) "select" function.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Faith::SocketNotifier::Type

Specifies which kind of events to announce


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Faith::SocketNotifier::SocketNotifier ( int  socket,
Type  type,
Faith::Object parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

Listens to the socket object for the type of events specified by type

Faith::SocketNotifier::~SocketNotifier (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Faith::SocketNotifier::activated (  )  [signal]

Same as above, but with no parameters

void Faith::SocketNotifier::activated ( Faith::SocketNotifier socket  )  [signal]

Same as above, except socket is "this"

void Faith::SocketNotifier::activated ( int   )  [signal]

This signal is emitted when the socket triggers an event.

socket is the file descriptor

bool Faith::SocketNotifier::isEnabled (  )  const

true if the activated signals will ever be emitted

virtual void Faith::SocketNotifier::setEnabled ( bool  enable  )  [virtual]

Remember to call setEnabled(true) when you want to recieve events

int Faith::SocketNotifier::socket (  )  const [inline]

the file descriptor I'm attached to

Type Faith::SocketNotifier::type (  )  const [inline]

the type of events I'm listening for

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