ttf_maxp Struct Reference

#include <ps/ttf.h>

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Public Attributes

ULONG version
USHORT numGlyphs
USHORT maxPoints
USHORT maxContours
USHORT maxCompositePoints
USHORT maxCompositeContours
USHORT maxZones
USHORT maxTwilightPoints
USHORT maxStorage
USHORT maxFunctionDefs
USHORT maxInstructionsDefs
USHORT maxSizeOfInstructions
USHORT maxComponentElements
USHORT maxComponentDepth

Member Data Documentation

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxComponentDepth

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxComponentElements

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxCompositeContours

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxCompositePoints

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxContours

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxFunctionDefs

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxInstructionsDefs

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxPoints

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxSizeOfInstructions

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxStorage

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxTwilightPoints

USHORT ttf_maxp::maxZones

USHORT ttf_maxp::numGlyphs

ULONG ttf_maxp::version

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